Women in Tech – It All Adds Up!

Lisa Miles-Heal, General Manager and Chief Technology Officer of global technology company, Unleashed Software, discusses the tech gender gap, its implications and what more needs to be done.

Choosing Cloud Software? Look Out for These Trends

Software as a Service (SaaS) has paved the way for businesses and consumers to test early cloud services. With SaaS being both flexible and financially attractive, businesses continue to take advantage of the simplicity and high performance the cloud offers.

Benefits of a Domestic Supply Chain

The success of a business, amongst other things, is largely dependent on their ability to supply their product or service to a customer exactly when and in what quantity they require.

The Power of Customer Success

Customer Success is one of the most important strategic priorities at Spotlight Reporting. The more we learn about Customer Success principles, strategy and practice, the more we can see the powerful resonance this could have for accountants in practice.

The 5 Best Xero Apps of 2018

We have scoured the marketplace to bring you the five best Xero apps of 2018. From reporting software to time management applications, we’ve covered a wide variety of apps designed to make your life easier.

Where Do Your Customers See Value?

Set prices too high and you’ll lose market share, but go too low and you risk leaving revenue on the table and compromising your fledgling brand. Tiered pricing offers a solution by allowing you to segment customers according to the features they want and the price they’re willing to pay. Let’s learn how.

Social Media Lessons for Retailers

Successfully managing your social media efforts takes more than just creating an account and posting a few updates every now and then. In order to really make the most out of social, you have to actively listen to what people are saying and be very mindful of each post or response that you put out there.

Getting business strategy at the heart of your success in 2018

Strategy lies at the heart of most successful businesses. Businesses that plan and have clear objectives or goals, robust accountability and a shared sense of purpose should always outperform those that just show up and go through the motions. During 2017, I presented to 150 accountants at our first Transform! Conference (held in Wellington) and...
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