With stock market volatility the highest it’s been in over two years, it’s easy to lose your cool and forget your long-term goals.

While we can’t tell you which stocks will outperform the market in 2018, these quick-wins are guaranteed to provide you with the portfolio insights to help you make the most of your portfolio this year.

#1 – Understand how you’re performing – and why

Is your portfolio struggling simply because the overall market is down, or is it due to the individual stocks you picked, or down to your asset allocation? Do you even know?

Benchmarking your portfolio is an easy way to compare your portfolio to the market. Organising your holdings according to Custom Groups and having a look at a Contribution Analysis Report will help you easily compare and contrast the winners and losers in your portfolio – so you can make the most out of 2018.

#2 – Automate your future trade tracking

Switch to a broker who will automatically forward your trades to your portfolio tracker. You’ll save countless hours of manual portfolio admin every month, not to mention at tax time. And if you use Sharesight, corporate actions such as share splits and dividends are automated (and factored into your performance returns), so you’ll always know exactly how you’re doing.

In case you missed the news, Sharesight now supports contract notes from over 100 brokers. Here’s the full list of brokers whose trades will automatically flow into Sharesight via an API or contract notes (trade confirmations). If your broker doesn’t provide contract notes, you’ll want to set aside some time each week/month to manually record your trades.

#3 – Stay informed

Track your portfolio from anywhere with a portfolio tracker mobile app for your Android or iOS device. You can also subscribe to Sharesight’s weekly portfolio summary email, which shows you an overview of your portfolio’s performance over the last 7 days. There’s even the option of getting an email alert every time the price of one of your holdings spikes or collapses by 5% in a single trading day. For more info, check out: 3 Sharesight email alerts you should enable today.